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Lake Tahoe Spectacular video

AND -- Our VIRGINIA CITY video - ALL the history & Fun:
Mines, Virginia & Truckee Railroad, Mackay Mansion, Outhouse Races, Camel Races, Silver Mines, Comstock Miners, Bucket of Blood, Mark Twain, Carson City Mint, Nevada Statehood, Nevada State Railroad Museum, The Big Bonanza, Virginia City Fire & Museum, St. Mary’s in the Mountains, Julia Bulette, Fourth Ward School, Stamp Mills, Mines, Territorial Enterprise Newspaper &
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Virginia City history and Virginia City video

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Virginia City and the Comstock Lode Yesterday & Today!

  Virginia City History
  Comes Alive in this Video! 

  Many don't know that at one time, Virginia City was once the richest place on earth. Over six billion dollars was taken out of the Comstock Lode during the last half of the 19th century, and hard rock mining as its known today was invented here. 
  Now, over 150 years of history is featured in a new DVD, “Virginia City and the Comstock Lode, Yesterday & Today.” This is the most comprehensive video of the area ever produced. Narrated by Henry T.P. Comstock, portrayed by long-time local, Tommy Myers, you’ll learn the fascinating story of the discovery of the Comstock Lode, and travel with him through the years as he shares the remarkable adventures of Mark Twain, the Bonanza Kings, Adolph Sutro, the Grosh brothers, Philip Deidesheimer, Eilley Orrum and Sandy Bowers, and many more. McAvoy Layne brings Mark Twain to life in several chapters, recounting the celebrated humorist’s tales of Virginia City. Forty minutes of this menu-driven, 2½-hour production, are devoted to the history of the Virginia & Truckee Railroad, and you’ll ride the “Queen of the Short Lines” as she travels the rails between Virginia City, Gold Hill and Carson City. Comstock gives a fascinating tour of Virginia City, visiting all the significant buildings, bars, mansions and museums, spending time with a few ghosts along the way!
  The producers have lived on the Comstock for nearly three decades. "Virginia City and the Comstock Lode, Yesterday & Today," was in production for over four years.
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    Virginia City & the

Comstock Lode -- Yesterday & Today 

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