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Lake Tahoe Spectacular Video

Now available, a new video showing the wonders of Lake Tahoe. 
Lake Tahoe -- Splendor Through the Seasons has just been released, and is available here.  Now, you can enjoy and remember one of the most beautiful places on earth -- Lake Tahoe!  Taking you through each of the seasons, you'll see breathtaking images of all that is scenic about this magical place.  And all the while listening an evocative music soundtrack. This is a must-have video of Lake Tahoe!  Only $19.95.
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Virginia City and the Comstock Lode
Yesterday & Today

Virginia City history and Virginia City video
Virginia City history and Virginia City video

Come along with Henry T.P Comstock as he takes you on a fabulous 2-1/2 hour journey thru the history of the Comstock Lode, along with all the other colorful characters that created this amazing chapter in hard rock mining and the creation of the state of Nevada. You'll see the fascinating process of taking the ore out of the ground, the extraction of silver and gold, and how it was minted into coins in Carson City. Then, there's the rise of the fabulous little town of Virginia City on the flanks of Mt. Davidson, with all its saloons, mansions, Wells Fargo, the Miner's Unions, Piper's Opera House, the Fourth Ward School, the first Bank of California and much more. You'll visit 'em all! But not to be missed, is the ride on the Virginia & Truckee Railroad. Over 40 minutes is spent seeing all the sights on the excursion to Gold Hill, as well as the longer ride to Mound House. You'll hear the story of how the "Crookedest Railroad in the World" came into existence and see it's beautiful rolling stock. Thinking of visiting Virginia City? Then you must watch this video first! Already a fan of Virginia City? Then, this video will provide lots of reminiscing with its chapters about the Comstock's annual zany events, things to do, and incredible places to stay. Only $19.95.
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