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“In my decades of practice as an equine veterinarian, lameness was a problem I dealt with daily. This DVD details what I have learned about what causes lameness, and how to prevent it. I discuss age, defective conformation, nutrition, lack of exercise, injury from an unsafe environment, inappropriate ground surfaces, improper foot care, laminitis, infection, genetics and the most detrimental of all, too much work at too young an age.  Included are chapters on physiology and keeping your horse sound. You’ll see how I ascertain where a horse is lame, something that’s often quite confusing, as well as the latest innovative ways of treating lameness, with Shane Miller, DVM.  Julie Winkel’s Conformation Clinic and Mary Cottrill’s Natural Hoof Trimming chapters provide insight into how your horse’s anatomy and hoof care contribute to soundness.”  – Robert M. Miller, DVM  2 hrs.  Special pricing online: $33.95!

Lameness - Its Causes & Prevention

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  • Dr. Robert M. Miller is a world-renowned speaker and author on horse behavior and natural horsemanship.  He’s also father of the revolutionary foal training technique known as “Imprint Training.” An author of best-selling books and DVD’s, Dr. Miller is also a proponent and mentor of the natural horsemanship movement.


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