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From his decades working as a large animal vet, Dr. Miller has developed safe, easy ways to work around horses without being hurt. This video shows how to safely catch, halter, & lead a horse, and use the "3 points of contact" when working on the horse so that you won't be stepped upon, bitten or kicked. Also, how to easily examine a horse's teeth & ears, administer eye medication, clean its sheath or udder, & safely tie. Riding safety is also shown, including tacking and un-tacking, & how to prevent your horse from running away with you while on the trail. Very valuable information. 90 minutes. Only $33.95 here!

Safer Horsemanship

$39.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
  • Dr. Robert M. Miller is one of the most well-known and respected equine veterinarians, and an expert on horse behavior.  He has lectured around the world at veterinary colleges, and horse expos, and authored several best-selling books as well as these DVDs.

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