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The 1986 Harrah Automobile Collection Final Auction
Historical Auction From Harrah's Collectible Cars!


Whether you ever went to the Harrah’s collection or not, you can relive some of the excitement of viewing the cars through this one-hour program. Expert salon shots of the cars as they turn on the auction pedestal, close-ups, and shots of many cars actually being driven on and off the platform are what makes this DVD practically a work of art. The auction prices are given, too - on the screen and on a list accompanying the video. Especially nice is now little pieces of the auction are spliced together at the beginning and closing bids per vehicle, so you don’t have the drone of the auction prattle throughout the program. Other items - such as a steam locomotive and a Ford Tri-motor Monoplane are included and lighten the load of visuals on cars. Franklins, Packards, brass cars, even some customized postwar cars, all vie for attention in this program. There are 240 cars sold; this DVD gives the highlights, and it’s fun viewing for home or club use. See 37 Fords go for prices up to $35,000; watch some bargains, too.”  -- Gerald Perschbacher, Old Cars News & Marketplace.  60 mins. An automotive Classic!

The 1986 Harrah Automobile Collection Final Auction - CLASSIC!

$19.95 Regular Price
$16.96Sale Price
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