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The Behring Auto Museum - A Collection of Man’s Greatest Achievements in Automotive Design

 For many, an automobile collection would be considered complete with the addition of a supercharged Duesenberg, or a Mercedes-Benz 500K, a Bugatti roadster, or perhaps one of Ghia’s fabulous prototypes. But imagine if you will, an automobile museum that has not one, but several of these masterpieces of automotive art!  This dream became reality in 1988, when Kenneth E. Behring created The Behring Auto Museum in Danville, California. Affiliated with the University of California at Berkeley, the 63,000 square foot museum is a tribute to the great minds of automobile creation. In this video tour, you’ll see the dazzling collection of Buccialis, Ferraris, Rolls Royces, Delahayes, Isotta Fraschinis and more, along with the marques of Duesenberg, Mercedes-Benz, Bugatti and Ghia. The Behring Auto Museum also houses an array of America’s finest autos:  Pierce Arrow, Packard, Cadillac, Auburn, and Cord, as well as the oldest Oldsmobile known to exist! These are just a few of the makes featured, of the more than 120 automobiles on display. Along with the “Rolling Sculpture,” you’ll see a distinctive collection of automobilia, bronze sculptures, and the W. Everett Miller automotive Research Library.
 Experience the ultimate on this DVD of The Behring Auto Museum - certainly one of the most unique automobile museums in North America, if not the world!  60 mins.

The Behring Auto Museum

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