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This program will show you how to teach your horse to drink from a bottle, serve drinks, untie knots, push a baby carriage or lawnmower and roll out the barrel, bow on one knee while dismounted and mounted, kneel on two knees, the Arabian prayer and camel stretch, pick up trash & put it in a barrel, play basketball, wave a flag and spin a rope, count, wave a foreleg “Howdy,” lie down and play dead, sit up and be mounted, and rise with you aboard from a sit, to a stand. Sensational! 90 min., Special:  $33.95.

The Complete Guide to Trick Horse Training; V2

SKU: TrickVol2
$39.95 Regular Price
$29.95Sale Price
  • Carole Fletcher and her horses have entertained thousands with incredible tricks, and has frequently sold out clinics.  Now her six volume “Trickonometry video series has been edited to three DVD’s. With her Masters in Education, and two best-selling books, “Trickonometry” and “Healed By Horses,” Carole is an expert in teaching -- with a big dose of fun! Great for all ages and all breeds of horses.

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