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"Natural Horsemanship" has become a very popular method of training horses, but why does it work so well? Dr. Miller explains the 10 equine characteristics and how this new-age horsemanship takes advantage of these inherent behaviors. Then he shows how to use this knowledge when trying to: catch a horse, keep it from balking or being disrespectful, teach your horse to stand while tied, make him easy to innoculate, bridle, load in a trailer, and cure the barn sour horse. You'll see your horse in a new light of understanding and respect. 2 hrs. Online special: $33.95.

Understanding Horses...

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  • Dr. Robert M. Miller is one of the most well-known and respected equine veterinarians, and an expert on horse behavior.  He has lectured around the world at veterinary colleges, and horse expos, and authored several best-selling books as well as these DVDs.


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